Miss Jane Fox

Jane Fox is the current Director of Breast Services at Monash Health encompassing breast surgery and Monash BreastScreen. Jane also has a senior role in the multidisciplinary team which includes medical imaging, medical oncology and radiation oncology at the Monash Cancer Centre.

Jane is committed to subspecialist multidisciplinary care for patients with breast cancer and helping patients to clearly understand their illness and treatment options. She is involved in clinical research particularly in the assessment of tumour responses to pre-operative treatment and to achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

Jane’s practice also encompasses the assessment and management of benign breast problems including symptoms and imaging abnormalities.

Jane is a senior lecturer in the Monash University Department of Surgery with involvement in undergraduate and post graduate medical education.  She is also a member of a number of committees and groups involved in improving outcomes for patients with breast cancer including BreastSurg ANZ and the Southern Metropolitan Integrated Cancer Service where she is the current Chair of the Breast Cancer Stream.

In addition to her main rooms at 5 Chester St, Jane consults at The Lorna Sisely Monash Breast Clinic and at Waverly Private.